Creation of sites in Ukraine

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Creation of sites: we offer to order the development of the following options: Online store. Business card site. Company website. Landing Page. Payment for creation services in 2 stages. There is a 2-year warranty. We have been working since 2008.

Portfolio Creation of sites

Online stores

Постільна білизна
Creation of a bedding store

Turnkey according to the client's design layout. Linens

Магазин меблів
Creation of a furniture store

Creation according to the client's design layout. Furniture store

Магазин автофарби
Creation of a car paint shop

Today there are more than 100 customers per day from search

сайт Веломагазин
Creation of a bicycle shop

Bicycle shop. Over 600 customers per day from Google search

сайт текстилю
Creating a textile store

Textile shop. Ready layout + corrections

сайт Татуаж
Creation of a store of tattoo products

Everything for Tattoo shop

сайт радіодеталі
Creation of a store of radio parts

Radio parts store Over 100 thousand products

сайт Постачальник
Creation of a supplier store

Supplier: City: Kyiv holding company din-group ukraine

сайт аптека
Creation of an online pharmacy store

German online pharmacy

Business card site, Landing Page

сайт квартири
Apartments for rent

Website business card apartment rental

сайт компанії
Business card of the company

Services for maintenance of chillers, refrigerating chambers

сайт фотографа
Website of the photographer

Videographer and wedding photographer

перманентний макіяж
Master's website + shop

Permanent makeup (tattoo) in Chernivtsi

Сайт лабораторія
Laboratory "Life Code"

Genetic laboratory of the new generation

Сайт таксі
Site cargo taxi

Cargo taxi in Kyiv and the region

Сайт Хімчистка
Furniture dry cleaning website in Kyiv

The site offers dry cleaning services

Натяжні стелі
Landing Page stretch ceilings

Fabric stretch ceilings Descor

Landing Page
Instant vermicelli

Vermicelli manufacturer's landing page

Creation of sites is a popular service in Kyiv, Ukraine

Today, the modern activity of a business, an entrepreneur and even a blogger without a website is practically impossible.


The website contains a catalog of products, photos, descriptions, a registration form, and an order basket.

Business card site

5-10 pages, general information about the company. Example pages: "About us", "Services", "Prices", "Contacts".

Company website

Contains more than 10 pages, includes sections, subsections (menu) with materials.

Landing Page

One information page, navigation menu with transition effects, contact form, application

Website creation services - algorithm during development


Place an order. Make a prepayment.


We are preparing. We make possible edits.


We check, test. You pay the rest for services.


We register a domain, hosting, transfer.

The question is the answer

What technologies and standards are used?

Technologies used: let’s repeat once again about WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart management systems. HTML, Font Awesome, Bootstrap, JavaScript are also used for development and visualization (layout).


The administrative panel is created and programmed for quick use. A video guide is attached. If there is a question, the manager will individually write the manual, provide a video tutorial on how to use it.

How to order a site?

Go to the order page, follow the prompts

How to pay for services?

Any convenient way. Services are provided online, payment in two stages: prepayment according to the contract. Postponement is possible. In accordance with the laws of Ukraine, the contract enters into force after the receipt of funds (advance payment) to the account of the performer.

Creating websites: Step by step

The Internet has become an important part of today’s world, and almost every business, organization, or personal project has its own website. Creating your own website can seem like a daunting task, especially for those who are just starting out. However, with the right approach and tools, the process can be quite simple and even exciting.

1. Defining the purpose of the site

Before starting any process of creating a website, it is important to define its purpose. Is it a personal blog, a corporate business site, an online store, or something else? A clear understanding of the goals will help guide the development process.

2. Choosing a platform

There are many platforms for building websites, from free ones like WordPress and Wix to more complex ones like Joomla and Drupal. The choice depends on the needs and resources of the user. Some platforms are suitable for beginners because they offer simple interfaces and templates, while others offer more options for extension and customization.

3. Choosing a domain name and hosting

A domain name is a unique website name by which users can find your site on the Internet. Hosting is a service that allows you to place your website on the Internet. When choosing a domain name, you should choose a short, easy-to-remember name that reflects the essence of your site. When it comes to hosting, it is important to choose a reliable provider with a good reputation and adequate technical capabilities.

4. Development of content and design

After setting up the basics, such as the platform, domain and hosting, it’s time to develop the content and design. It is important that your content is interesting, informative, and easily digestible by your audience. The design of the site is also important – it should be attractive and match the style of your brand or the theme of your site.

5. Testing and launch

Before launching a site, it is important to test it for errors and ensure that it performs optimally. Testing may include checking on different devices and browsers, and for any functional or design flaws. After successful completion of testing, your site is ready for launch.

6. Support and Updates

Creating a website is an ongoing process. Once launched, it’s important to ensure your site is constantly supported and updated. This includes regularly updating content, fixing bugs, and responding to changes in audience needs and technology.

Creating a website can be an exciting and satisfying process, especially when you see the results of your work online. With the right approach and tools, anyone can create their own website and share their ideas, products or services with the world.

You want to order a site, but you don't have your texts?

You want to order a site, but you don’t have your texts? Don’t worry – usually no one has them. To create a site, you need minimal data. This is the logo (if available) if there is none, you can order a separate development of corporate style and design. If there are no funds for this, because corporate styles and a logo can be expensive. A logo is created for you in the form of text, with any picture (the font and photo can be changed during development). When ordering, you must specify the subject of your business, so you can write a short text about the company. Also, if necessary, you can provide, for example, a list of employees, P.I.B. director to create text in the “About us” or “About the company” section.

All photos can be sent by mail or via file sharing. Photos of your office (interior, exterior), cars (if they are branded), photos of employees, if you need to post them, are often used. You can choose photos for any blocks yourself in any service, either paid or free (the developer can choose such photos himself when the option is first provided).

If it is necessary to write articles after development. The manager can advise you to use the services of an article exchange, where you can choose a copywriter who understands your topic. The cost of one article, as a rule, ranges from UAH 50 to UAH 1,000, depending on its complexity and the number of text (characters). You can post articles at any time, because the development uses a management system that allows you to independently change the text or add new pages.

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