Creating a Landing Page

Order the creating a Landing Page: cost from UAH 17000. For this price, you can buy a website + user manual + individual design. Development that includes: one-page website, Landing Page – the page of your product, services.

Створення Landing Page
Creating a Landing Page

Which includes the cost of creating a Landing Page

SiTe-LiNe web studio prices.17000 UAH
Individual design of the site header, setting of content effects.
Validation by the W3C standard.
Management system
Terms, days.3-7
Payment.UAH 1000 advance payment. The balance after the fact.

Benefits of ordering a Landing Page with us

Landing Page order in the Site-LiNe web studio
Landing Page price and quality correspond to the scope of work.
Further customer support, which includes online usage consultations.
Warranty for completed works – 1-year warranty, which includes free elimination of any problems and errors that could have been caused by the fault of the developer.
Each site is made for itself, imagine that the developer himself deals with your business and makes the site for himself – in order for it to be successful, to advance in the search.
Discount for further SEO work.

Landing Page – increases sales

Search engines do not limit the promotion of the Landing Page, of course, it is not a full-fledged site, many requests cannot be covered with one page, but if it is properly created and filled with content, it gives a large conversion (application). Companies choose Landing Page as the main page (main), creating additional, full-fledged sites, sections, together this scheme contributes to successful search promotion, sales.

Advantages – one page with scroll down, navigation inside. The seller’s landing page has a high conversion (visitors who make an order, a purchase).

What is a Landing Page in simple words?

Imagine a beautiful show car, everyone wants to sit inside, take a picture next to it. The only drawback is that it does not have an engine.

So is the Landing Page – an advertising page designed for targeted action, leaving an application, viewing a video, photo.

For a one-page landing page to be successful, you need to order advertising, send visitors from another site, traffic sources.

What is Landing Page Conversion?

Anything can be called a conversion, viewing a video, photo, scrolling down the page, length of stay. The most important is the rate of applications, requests through the order form, telephone. Conversion is 2-25%, depends on the subject of your activity, level of competition, seasonality, sources of visitors, website design.

If you choose search advertising as a source of visitors, take into account the fact that it needs to be set up for at least 1–2 months. Only after setting it is possible to reach an acceptable conversion rate. Without setting up advertising at the start, you can get a lot of non-targeted visitors, a small conversion.

When creating a Landing Page, we offer the basic setting of an advertising company

The manager selects 10–100 phrases that will give the maximum return. An advertising company is launched taking into account the settings of display regions, additional remarketing links. The cost of setting up the company is UAH 500.

One-page site, the best choice for a quick start, promotion by ordering contextual advertising