Creation a company website

By ordering the creation of a company website, you get not only a presence on the Internet, but also the opportunity to get more customers thanks to advertising and website promotion.

Corporate website, company business card. In simple terms, this is a site with a large number of informational pages, sections, and news. Attractive individual design. A corporate site can be created for a law firm, a real estate agency, a tourist business, a school, a university, or any other organization. The company’s website is created in the Joomla or WordPress system. The PageSpeed ​​Insights indicator is higher than 90 points. Your site is created for the success of the company and the attraction of new customers.

Створення сайту компанії

Creating a company website is a responsible step on the way to business development. It should be as informative as possible, contain many sections so that the visitor can learn everything about you and your products by visiting the site. Because of this, an ordinary business card site is usually not suitable for a company, because it also requires the placement of a catalog or an online store. If the company has its own landing page, creating a company website will allow you to redirect traffic to the landing page and receive conversions in the form of applications and orders.

Why should you choose the SiTe-LiNe studio as a company website developer?

  1. We have a lot of experience, currently more than 9 years. We don’t reinvent the wheel, we use the experience gained and because of this, you get the result not just a site to tick, but a business machine that helps you in the future.
  2. We do not do nonsense that looks good, but is not worth anything as a result. We provide all tests for the quality of the work performed, namely the download speed and the correctness of the layout according to world standards.
  3. We offer not only creation, but also further promotion, which basically means turnkey site management.

The company’s website costs UAH 33,000, which includes:

Account hosting and domain name. Easy license management system for adding text to pages. Individual design, layout: based on the subject of the activity, the wishes specified in the order form. The level of design structure in the specified cost, you can see on the examples of works. Creation of basic, sections with a complex structure (pages) of drop-down menus – up to 50. Additionally: creation of an online store if necessary or a product catalog, gallery, articles, materials. Bulletin board or company online store, forum if desired. Creation of corporate e-mail: Learning to use. Guarantee of stable operation of the site: antivirus scanner on the hosting, backup. The term of creation is up to 20 days.

Possible functions of a corporate site

Below is a possible build-time functionality.

Creation of an unlimited number of categories for news, articles.

A slideshow of the necessary slides.

Module for placement of banners, advertisements, informers.

Multilingualism based on Google Translate.

Multilingualism + UAH 2000 per language.

Online store as a possible addition.


The possibility of attaching any files for download, for example, a price list.

Feedback page (allows users to leave feedback).

A page with a feedback form (allows you to send messages, files, place an order).


How to create and pay for a corporate website

  • Ordering, receiving and paying is no different from buying a TV or ordering furniture.
  • Placing an order by filling out an order form or brief
  • application analysis and agreement with the client
  • Registration, payment for domain (name), hosting (place on the Internet for site operation)
  • Installation, configuration, verification of software on hosting in the form of a site
  • If desired, the customer can make additional wishes regarding the design
  • Payment for creation services (based on completed work, provision of a ready-made website)
  • Ordering additional services at the client’s request: advertising, promotion

You can place an order and get your website without leaving your home or office!

Creating a corporate website in Ukraine: key steps and benefits

Key steps in creating a corporate website:

  1. Defining Goals and Objectives: The first step is to define the goals you want to achieve with your site and establish the tasks it should solve.
  2. Choosing a web developer: It is important to choose an experienced and professional web developer or a web development agency that has experience in creating corporate websites.
  3. Design and Development: At this stage, the design and interface of the site are developed, the structure and functionality are created.
  4. Filling with Content: After developing the site, it is important to fill it with content: describe the company, its services, portfolio, contact information, etc.
  5. Testing and Optimization: Before launching your site, it’s important to test it on different devices and web browsers and optimize it to improve loading speed and SEO.
  6. Launch and Support: After the successful completion of all previous stages, the site is ready for launch. However, it is important to keep it relevant and relevant to the changing needs of the company.

Advantages of a corporate website for business:

  1. Professional Appearance: A corporate website allows a company to present itself as a professional and reliable organization to clients and partners.
  2. Attracting Customers: It is an effective tool for attracting new customers, as it provides an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the company’s services and products at any time.
  3. Increase in Trust: The presence of a corporate website indicates the seriousness and reliability of the company, which increases the level of trust of customers.
  4. Global Access: A corporate website allows the company to be present on the global market and attract international customers.
  5. Marketing and Sales: It is an effective tool for marketing and sales, allowing you to post promotions, sales and other promotional information.

Creating a corporate website is an important component of the Internet presence of any business in the modern world. It allows the company to present itself as a professional and reliable organization, attract new customers and increase the level of trust among the audience. In the conditions of modern business, the creation of a corporate website is a necessity for the successful development of the company.

Our personal experience in creating corporate websites

Our personal experience of creating corporate websites since 2008 is already very extensive. We created websites with an online store and a bulletin board. Created corporate portals. For any company at the beginning of its development or in general. It may be enough to create a business card site with a blog and news. You do not have to order a corporate website. But when you need a site, for example, in 2–3 languages with many sections, it will be a corporate site, no matter what you call it at first.

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