Site advertising

Реклама сайту
Реклама сайту

Site advertising in search engines is the first 4 positions in the Google search engine. The site appears immediately after the advertisement is paid. Positions, number of ad impressions, days, visitors depends only on your budget.

How it happens

After paying for the website creation services, we can set up a Google AdWords account. The cost of services is UAH 2,500. We offer high-quality advertising customization, installation and combination of analytics codes, remarketing from the Google search engine.

What’s included in setting up Google AdWords

The setting includes: selection and agreement with you about phrases for advertising on the subject, creation of 1-3 advertising blocks, transfer of passwords and logins to you. The method of further payment for advertising is bank payment. The minimum budget for advertising is UAH 3,000 per month. Help with contacting Google Support. A Google advertising manager contacts you and helps make advertising more effective.

As a bonus, you can also receive a coupon worth UAH 1,500. (Issued by a Google manager) Issuance and availability of coupons depends on the company’s policy at the time of the launch of the ad.

Site advertising – What is needed for this

To launch an ad, it is necessary that the site is filled to at least 80% or more. The website must contain contact information for contacting you. After creating an advertising account for the site. You need to configure the payment data by entering your information and, accordingly, make a payment to run the ad.

After the account has been transferred to you, you will need to enter your payment details and make the payment

Advertising in social networks – Facebook and others

Реклама в соціальних мережах - Facebook та інші

Advertising on a social network, for example Facebook, can be very effective and even better than search advertising. It all depends on your audience, market, time. Every business should definitely try advertising on social networks. Please note that after launching an ad on Facebook, you will immediately receive an ad on Instagram – these are the 2 most popular social networks in Ukraine.

Advantages of advertising in social networks

During setup, you can choose the targeting, display region, age and interests of the users to whom your ad will be shown. Unlike search advertising – the social network will not guess, and guess age, gender and interests – all this data is taken from user accounts.

The cost of advertising in social networks

The price of advertising is significantly cheaper than in the search network, but the minimum monthly budget is still the same, from 1500-3000 UAH. The Facebook advertising system integrates with your payment card, funds are withdrawn when you spend and reach a certain withdrawal threshold.

Why advertising in 2024 is better than SEO promotions – considerations

I have been engaged in the development of sites, their advertising and promotion since 2008. Nowadays, we can safely say that for small and medium-sized businesses, startups, advertising is better than SEO site promotion. And the thing here is not only the complexity of modern algorithms, there is nothing complicated. A large audience of potential customers and competition will force you to work on your own site with SEO promotion for 1–2 years to achieve competition for really good search keywords. Faster results and results with mega traffic from 1000 visitors per day for commercial topics are already available with sky-high budgets. As a result, small and medium-sized businesses need to bet on SEO, well, this is in the perspective of 1–3 years of work. Of course, no one wants to wait so long for the results, you need to work, sell and receive applications today.

Advantages of advertising in 2023

  1. Advertising is launched and configured in 1–2 days, then the system waits for the receipt of funds, and the display of ads begins.
  2. Advertising can be customized as you like, for any region, budget, time, exact correspondence to a key request.
  3. The risks are minimal because there is no need to pay and wait 6–12 months for the result. Risks are also minimized because you are not dependent on changing algorithms and sudden ups and downs in site positions.
  4. Almost everyone who orders advertising consistently for 6–12 months continues to order and pay for it for years to come. The only exceptions are users who decided to try 1–3 months for the test, there are no tests here, you either work with advertising or you don’t work with advertising.
  5. Once again about the budget, it is really any possible, you can spend 100 UAH, set up 100% matching of phrases and get several potential customers on your site and maybe even sales and orders.

Advantages of SEO promotion

Advantages of SEO promotion. One and undeniable, that is why many believe that SEO is cheaper as a result. The advantage is that. What if search engines like the site and search traffic increases or stays at an acceptable level. As a rule, this can last for several years in a row or even for life. Therefore, if you are afraid of the terms of 1-3 years of works, you should understand that as a result, in any case, that moment will come. That you will forget about the spent funds and will receive only profit. There is only one minus in SEO – the works must be really noticeable and permanent. This is a constant scaling of the site in all concepts, both internally and externally.

SEO with guarantees and payment by the fact

SEO with guarantees and payment by the fact. Payment by the fact is a past stage of SEO, it is not effective and impossible to implement at all. SEO work is not about pressing 2–3 buttons a day and waiting for the result. This is constant physical participation (texts, links, optimization of code, hosting, creation of additional sites) which costs money, and not one normal SEO specialist will do all this work at his own expense! If you believe that someone will do something for you, promote the site to the TOP and wait with you for your success in order to receive your reward, take off your rose-colored glasses, there is no such thing in nature. SEO with a guarantee is not at all clear that, ask yourself the question, can you guarantee the probability? After all, no one can predict the result of work with SEO, it’s just that when there are a lot of works, and they cost a lot, the result is inevitable and there can be a guarantee here, because otherwise it will not work.

As a result, what should small and medium-sized businesses do? Personal advice – order a site, basic SEO and permanent advertising at the start. Then, if possible, also do SEO

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