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Are you interested in the price of creating a website, how much does it cost to create a website in Ukraine? We have been creating websites since 2008. You can place an order and get your website online without leaving your home or office.

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Table of website development prices

сайт компанії

Creation of a business card site

From UAH 17 000
A website of 1 or 5-10 pages
2 years warranty on layout. Payment in installments in 2–3 stages.
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Приклад сторінки

Creating a page

600–1300 UAH
Creating a page (an analogue of a Landing Page) in site directories
Payment after placement. Creation for a search query.
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сайт Татуаж

Creation of an online store

From UAH 29000
A site with an order basket, a product catalog
2 years warranty on layout. Payment in installments in 2-3 stages.
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сайт квартири

Buy a ready-made business card website

9900 UAH
The site is ready for 1 or 5-10 pages
You fill in your information when you buy.
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* The price of a website (when ordering creation or buying a ready-made one) includes the cost of a domain ( and hosting (1 Gb).

Our prices for creating and placing web pages on the Internet are suitable for anyone.

We will set up a Google advertising account for only UAH 500 for all customers who ordered a site or page.

Frequently asked questions

How do you pay for site creation services? 30/70% (See offers). Payment for placement, creation of a web page on our thematic sites and catalogs is made upon the fact of placement.

What systems do you use? OpenCart, Joomla, WordPress.

Are there any restrictions? Absolutely no limits! Regardless of the tariff price, everything you can see in the demos provided is included in the price shown. Everything you want can be installed, refined, integrated. If you want a business card or a store with 100 products, we will provide it, if you want a store, a catalog with a load of a million products, we will select and configure the system.

Who does the filling?

1. The developer carries out site development, test filling and transfer of the entire system to you. A user manual is provided. You can edit the content (text, photo, video) yourself. Manage the site in the same way as a social network account.

2. If you provide all information about all pages or describe the order of creation of text or photo materials for them. You can calculate, include the filling in the development. The price of a business card or landing page already includes the text and photo you provide.

The cost of the site in Ukraine: A variety of prices in Kyiv and other regions

In today’s world, when an online presence is becoming a necessity for any business, the price of creating a website in Ukraine is one of the key topics for entrepreneurs. Cost depends on many factors such as site size, design complexity, functionality and technical requirements. In this article, we will consider the variety of prices for creating websites in Kyiv and other regions of Ukraine.

Factors affecting the price:

Size and Scope of the Site: The price for creating a site will vary depending on the number of pages and the amount of content that needs to be developed.

Design and Graphics: The complexity of the design and the use of graphic elements such as logos and illustrations also affect the price.

Functionality: If the site needs additional functionality, such as interactivity, online platforms or integration with payment systems, this will also increase the cost.

Technical Requirements: Development complexity and technical requirements such as security and search engine optimization also affect the price.

Site price in Kyiv:

In Kyiv, as in other large cities of Ukraine, the price of creating a website can be higher due to higher costs for renting offices, paying specialists and general high competition.

According to the summaries of research and experience of website developers in Kyiv, the basic price for the simplest business card site can start from 5,000 hryvnias, but prices can vary significantly depending on the above-mentioned factors.

Site price in other regions of Ukraine:

In smaller cities and regions of Ukraine, website creation prices may be lower compared to Kyiv. This may be due to less competition and lower office rent and labor costs.

In these regions, the basic price for a business card site can start from 3,000 hryvnias, but prices can also vary depending on the level of complexity and the client’s needs.

The most common types of business websites

When designing a website for a business, developers often consider the client’s needs and goals in order to create the optimal solution. The availability of different types of websites allows businesses to choose the one that best suits their needs and business model. In this article, we will look at the most common types of business websites that are more often developed by developers.

1. Business card site (Landing Page):

A business website is one of the most common forms of business websites. This is usually a one-page site that contains basic information about the company, its services or products, contact information, and other key elements. Business card sites are often used to promote a new product or service, and to collect contact information from potential customers.

2. Corporate Website:

Corporate websites are used by companies to present their activities and brand on the Internet. They usually contain information about the company, its history, mission and values, services or products, news and contact information. Corporate websites can be further enhanced with functionality such as interactivity, built-in feedback forms and other elements.

3. Electronic Commerce (E-commerce) Site:

Electronic commerce (E-commerce) is becoming an increasingly popular form of business on the Internet. E-commerce websites allow companies to sell their goods or services online. They contain a catalog of products, a shopping cart, a payment system and other functionalities for a convenient buyer.

4. Blog or News Site:

Blogs and news websites are used to publish topical news, articles, reviews and other content. They allow companies to share information about their activities, expertise and interact with their audience.

5. Portfolio Website:

Portfolio websites are used to showcase a company’s work, achievements or products. They are often used by creative or design companies, as well as photographers, designers and other professionals to showcase their work to potential clients.


Websites are an integral part of modern business, and the choice of a particular type of website depends on the specific needs and goals of the company. Developers usually recommend the type of website that best fits the company’s business model and strategy in order to achieve optimal results.

Example – easy start of business (sales, orders via the Internet) business plan

An ideal option if you want to try to sell or receive orders via the Internet thanks to the site.

1. You order a ready-made site-business card, Landing Page, store or just a page on our website: price 1300-9900 UAH

2. Setting up Google advertising or ordering settings: the price is UAH 500

3. Launch of advertising with a minimum budget of 1000–10000 UAH.

The bottom line is that it is possible to start advertising, sales, and business only with costs starting from 4800 hryvnias for the first month, and any budget for the time you plan to advertise on Google search.


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